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  1. Information: Systems of the Ancients

  2. Question: Can we lead a joint attack from one planet of alliance or does each player have to attack the enemy from his own planet?

  3. Question: Do Intergalactic Relations Centers of members of an alliance affect the size of that alliance?

  4. Question: Does the number of shipyards in a system affects the speed of fleet repair?

  5. Question: During an attack on my system the timer of fleet construction froze. Is this some kind of mistake?

  6. Question: How can I create an alliance?

  7. Question: How can I join an alliance?

  8. Question: How can I repair a fleet?

  9. Question: How can I send a fleet somewhere?

  10. Question: How do I colonize a new planet/system?

  11. Question: How many resources can be raided by a fleet?

  12. Question: If a system has several Acceleration Gates, do their bonuses sum up or is only one Gate working then?

  13. Question: If I attack a system from an allied planet, who will get the looted resources?

  14. Question: Is it possible to repair my fleet on an allied planet?

  15. Question: Metal Plant, Chemical Plant, Radium Refinement Complex – do these buildings work only on mines on 10+ level or on mines of lowest level too?

  16. Question: Please, describe the combat process.

  17. Question: The research level of all labs – is it added up or does the lab with the maximum level or research get chosen?

  18. Question: What is the combat procedure in case of a group attack?

  19. Question: What is the only space structure on the planet?

  20. Question: What will discovering “Vacuum Technologies” bring me?

  21. Question: What will joining an alliance bring me?

  22. Question: Where will a fleet bring resources it carries?

  23. Question: Whom can I attack?

  24. Question: Why can't I build more storehouses (labs, academies, caches)?

  25. Question: Why can't I send resources to my planet or an allied planet?

  26. Question: Why can’t I send resources to another player?

  27. Question: Combat mechanics.

  28. Question: What is cargo compartment capacity of ships?

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